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Endodontics (Canal Treatment)

Your teeth have root sections within the jaw bone. The structure of the tooth roots varies from person to person and from tooth to tooth.

The tooth roots harbor a tissue that feeds the tooth composed of veins and nerves that we call the “pulpa”, which provides for the vibrancy of the tooth. In some cases, it can get infected just like many tissues in the body. Infected pulpa tissue leaders to pain in the teeth. Pains start as hot/cold pain and as short-term pains, and shooting pains and pains that wake you up at night are seen that start for no reason in advanced stages and are long-lasting. The pain, in some cases, doesn’t respond to painkillers. Abscesses formations can be observed in the tooth roots.

How is canal treatment done?

After the problematic tooth is identified with examination or radiography, the tooth is sedated with local anesthesia. The pulpa tissue is removed and the infected tissue is cleaned. After the infected tissues are removed, the inside of the canal is filled with special filling substances, and the filling is done over the tooth. If the relevant tooth needs to be crowned, it will be covered with the suitable material.

Canal treatments should not be delayed and should absolutely be performed in the shortest amount of time possible.

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