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Implants first officially entered dentistry in 1908. Previously many materials were tried to replace implants in ancient times. Animal bones, pieces of wood, gold, and similar materials could be examples of this. Modern implants are produced in structures that can integrate with the jaw bone using materials like titanium.

After the implant is placed, the integration process begins. Superior prostheses are made a while after the implant is placed.

The success or failure of tooth implants are directly related to the general health of the patient, the use of medications that affect bone integration, and the health of the tissues in the mouth. This is why a person cannot be decided to be suitable for implants without a consultation.

Implants can be administered in patients with tooth deficiency, multiple tooth deficiency, or a complete loss of teeth. The bone structure in which the implant will be placed and the proximity to important anatomic structures should be considered.

Tomography is taken in order for us to be able to take measurements with all tissues at our clinic, and many elements such as adequate bone distance, sinus proximity, and nerve proximity are carefully examined. Your treatment is provided with care by our specialist dentists.

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