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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that interests the correction of jaw, face, and tooth disorders. The form of treatment can vary based on age and development. The duration of treatment generally varies between 1-5 years and changes based on the patient.

At what age should I start treatment?

If you are suspicious of crookedness or jaw size in your child, you need to apply immediately to orthodontics for a consultation. There could even be treatments that need to begin in infancy. Stable braces are done generally in adolescence. Orthodontic treatments can be done in adulthood as well.

Crooked teeth don’t only lead to aesthetic problems, as is known. Crooked teeth easily become dirty, are more difficult to clean, easily decay, and easily catch gum disease. Crooked teeth also create a threat because they cause trauma in teeth next to and across from them, apart from themselves.

Irregularities that relate to the mouth and face region such as crooked teeth, gapped teeth, incorrectly crowned teeth, lip-palate clefts, overbite/underbite are treated with orthodontics.

Today, orthodontic treatments are done using methods like brackets (braces), oral apparatus, transparent plaques, and orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery).

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