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Periodontoloji (Diş Eti Hastalıkları)

Periodontology is a specialty of dentistry and studies the scientific branch that studies the anatomy, physiology, and histology of soft and hard tissues like the bones and gums that surround teeth and implants, that researches diseases that occur in these tissues, and that provides treatment for these diseases and continuity for health acquired as a result of this treatment.

Periodontal diseases are infections that affect the alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, and gums, which are the tissues that support teeth and implants, and lead to receding gums and tooth loss if not treated. 

There are many varieties of periodontal diseases. The general symptoms can be seen as bleeding, reddening, edema, itchiness, sensitivity, and receding gums.

Peri-implanter diseases: Just as they can be observed at a light level, they can be severe. After the performed implant treatments, they can form as a result of the patient’s inadequate care and due to implants. Implant loss could even become an issue.

How is it treated?

Routinely, exceptional circumstances, teeth cleaning is done and the severity of the disease diminishes. If it is subsequently necessary, surgical operations such as correcting the shape of the gums and correcting the bone can be done.

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