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Prosthetic Dentistry

Laminate Crowns
It is known as laminay, laminate, or lamina. It is a cosmetic solution that can be implemented in many tooth disorders that negatively affect your appearance.

Zirconium, composite, or E-MAX materials can be used. In most cases, they are sufficient to gain a natural function along with a natural beauty for teeth with healthy structures and unspoiled colors. You can smile, sure of yourself, with laminate crowns!

Laminate veneer crowns can be done to basically eliminate color changes and correct shape to a certain degree. The primary areas of application can be summarized as follows:

  • In hereditary structures and discolorations in advanced antibiotic, fluoride, etc., which don’t get results with methods like coloring or bleaching;
  • In discrete tooth conjunction (diastema crown);
  • In the restoration of broken or eroded teeth;
  • In the correction of old fillings that have lost their color or structure; and
  • In the correction of crooked or curved teeth (as a treatment alternative to orthodontics)

It could be a cosmetic alternative.


Zirconia began to be used commonly in the field of ceramics in dentistry thanks to it having high resistance to tension, being tissue-friendly, and having low grain diameter. Classic porcelain is a white alloy used in the place of grey metals that has a bridge and prosthesis infrastructure.

It can be used for more aesthetic purposes in advanced coloring in which results can’t be reached through methods like whitening, structure-coloring treatment, separated or intricate, rotated teach like diastema in which orthodontic treatment is not preferred, the restorations of formerly filled teeth that have lost their color and structure and that have extreme substance loss, in anterior group upper implant prostheses as a bridge or crowning in posterior group teeth, and in regulating smile aesthetics. It is a material that is biocompatible with tissue. Purplish coloring that forms in the gums doesn’t form in the tooth region seen in metal-based prostheses.

Your treatment is completed, with our expert dentists considering every detail with care.


Porcelain crowns are administered in the form of a metal infrastructure covered with porcelain to be used in people who have lost their teeth, people who are not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of their teeth, those who don't want to receive orthodontic treatment, in tooth defects from birth, and in tooth staining that can't be removed. The cleanliness of metal inferior structure crowns doesn’t matter within the mouth as long as it is done completely and accurately.

Your treatment is completed, with our expert dentists considering every detail with care.


E-Max crowns are strengthened ceramic crowns that are preferred for their long-lasting and aesthetic qualities. It is a material that has a near-transparent color with teeth combined with extra endurance and durability. Laminates are particularly preferred.

Removable Dentures

They are prostheses that are attached and removed that can be used to provide function and aesthetics within the mouth for teeth lost in advanced age or reasons other than age.

Even if they don’t completely hold the places of the teeth, they are successful prosthesis in terms of aesthetics and function. In some cases, dentures can be implemented, taking support from implants based on the suitability of the surrounding tissue and bone. In situations where implants will be administered, first the implant operation then the completion of recovery are expected.

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