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Restorative Treatments (Filling)

It is an area that provides for the function and aesthetic appearance of teeth by treating the loss of tissue that forms in the tooth structure because of decay, trauma, and various reasons with different filling materials and that at the same time implements protective dentistry by taking measures that prevent new tooth decay.

It encompasses composite fillings, amalgam fillings, laminate veneer restoration, inlay-onlay-overlay restoration, indirect pulp capping treatment, vital/devital whitening treatments, and tooth sensitivity treatment.

Composite Fillings: They are fillings done in tooth color to repair teeth that are decayed, cracked, or have discoloration. Composite fillings can be used to cover gaps between teeth, to make teeth look longer, or to change the shape or color of teeth.

Dental Sensitivity Treatment: Tooth sensitivity is a general term used for dental sensitivity or root sensitivity. If hot, cold, sweet, or very acidic beverages or foods, or breathing in cold air is causing tooth sensitivity or pain, this shows that your tooth or teeth are sensitive.

How is it treated?

For tooth sensitivity, fluoride or materials that we call bonding are applied. Tooth sensitivity can also be treated with lasers.

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